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Cannabis Tasting Notes Bullet Journal: A Note Taking Guide Book

Cannabis Tasting Notes Bullet Journal

The Cannabis Tasting Notes Bullet Journal, designed with the cannabis curious to the connoisseur and consumer in mind, keeps track of the important details and notable observations for every strain and cultivar a cannabis lover may encounter… Get started tracking the details of all your favorite cannabis cultivars today! NOW AVAILABLE VIA AMAZON BOOKS

you cant complain when you've got Mary Jane Unknown quote featured image weed journal book page

Cannabis Quotes: Mary Jane…

Cannabis, weed, herb, green, marijuana, ganja, the devil’s weed, or Mary Jane… You can call cannabis by whatever name you like, all the same… You can’t complain when you’ve got Mary Jane.” Unknown Quote

Cannabis Quotes: Sativa versus Indica YouTube video and blogpost featured image

Cannabis Quotes: Sativa vs Indica

Catch cool cannabis quotes here and on YOUTUBE… Then dip into BLOG to check out the ‘budding’ collection of carefully crafted cannabis notebooks and weed-infused bullet journals!